Portable Oxygen Equipment gives me the freedom to go where I want

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Five years ago, I thought that my life was coming to an end. While I knew that I wasn’t actually going to die at that time, that didn’t change the way that I was feeling. The reason that I felt like my life was coming to an end is because I didn’t think that I was going to be able to go anywhere anymore. As a result of being confined to my home because of my oxygen equipment, I really felt like my freedom was being taken away from me, which is the thing that makes life worth living.

Fortunately, although I went through a very rough time when I was having to deal with this issue, time has passed and things have gotten much better. The reason that things have gotten so much better and I know feel like I have a new outlook on life is because even though I am still using oxygen equipment, I am now using much smaller portable oxygen equipment, which means that I have reclaimed my freedom and can go where I want to go.

This may seem like a small thing, but after you have had your freedom taken away from you, you realize just how much it means. Therefore, I could not be more thankful about the fact that I am once again able to go out my door and go where I want thanks to my portable oxygen equipment.

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Emphysema is one of the most common conditions for which patients can find themselves in the situation of needing supplemental oxygen. Patients diagnosed with emphysema will need a portable oxygen equipment at all time with them. Emphysema occurs when the air sacs in the lungs are gradually destroyed. It causes shortness of breath, actually making breathing extremely difficult.

Emphysema is also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The main cause of this disease is considered to be smoking. The disease slowly destroys the elastic fibers that hold open the small airways leading to the air sacs. Consequently, when the patient breaths, the airways collapse, so air is not able to reach the lungs. One of the most serious facts about this disease is that treatment can only decrease its progression, although it cannot cure it. Here, you will find a short description of this condition, including the main symptoms and causes of its development.



One of the most interesting things about this disease is that it takes many years for it to be developed. At first, there are no signs or symptoms that may indicate the presence of emphysema. Still, the main symptom of this disease will be shortness of breath. In the most serious cases, emphysema causes shortness of breath even while the patient is resting.

Some of the most common signs of emphysema, which should alert all patients include:

  • Severe shortness of breath that causes the impossibility to talk;
  • Lips and fingernails turn blue or gray;
  • Impossibility to be mentally alert;
  • Very fast heartbeat.


Causes and risk factors

The main cause of emphysema is considered to be the long-term exposure to airborne irritants. Causes include:

  1. Tobacco smoke;
  2. Marijuana smoke;
  3. Air pollution;
  4. Manufacturing fumes.

Risk factors:

  • Smoking;
  • Age;
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • Occupational exposure to fumes or dust;
  • Exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution.



There are various medications that can be recommended to patients with the purpose to relieve symptoms. Supplemental oxygen is also recommended to patients suffering from emphysema. Patients with severe emphysema have to use supplemental oxygen at home when exercising, for instance, to provide them some relief. There are situations in which patients can need supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day.

Emphysema is a disease that requires patients to constantly use supplemental oxygen. In the lack of oxygen patients cannot breath. Using the right treatment to reduce pain and improve lifestyle will help patients better deal with this condition.

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The Invacare XPO2 Portable Travel Oxygen Concentrator System

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Portable oxygen equipment allows people with respiratory disorders to have a more active lifestyle. People use oxygen equipments so that they don’t have to carry heavy oxygen tanks around from place to place. This new type of medical equipments has changed, becoming more lightweight, so people have more flexibility and portability.


There are many equipments that come with a wide variety of other devices in order to provide the user the best solution. Buying such an oxygen portable equipment is small, lightweight and a comfortable carrying bag.


A great portable oxygen equipment is the Invacare XPO2 Portable travel oxygen concentrator system. It’s a kit that includes:

• DC adapter
• AC adapter
• Carrying case
• Supplemental battery

The equipment is very appreciated for its great portability, making possible for patients to have the best oxygen technology. The equipment is lightweight, compact, durable, and resistant. It can also be carried over the shoulder, being no bigger than a small purse or satchel case.

It’s also one of the world leaders in concentrators, providing a five-year warranty, being very durable.

• Reliable and durable, backed by a 5 year limited warranty
• Lightweight, easy to use, clinically robust
• XPO100B kit that contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, DC adapter and supplemental battery
• It can be available without the supplemental battery. Model XPO100 kit contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, and DC adapter

Other specifications:
Weight: approximately 6 pounds; 7.3 pounds with optional supplemental battery

Size: 10” H x 7” W x 4” D

Oxygen flow: Pulse dose delivery with settings 1-5 hour battery duration at setting 2; 5 hour battery duration with optional supplemental battery

Oxygen: Operating altitude 10,000 ft.

Air tubing: Use with cannula/tubing up to 25 ft.

Capacity: Maximum oxygen capacity 900 ml

Power consumption: 36 watts at setting 2


The life of many people has improved a lot by using oxygen portable equipments. They can travel, walk and solve their problems. Plus, they don’t have to go to the doctor every time they have a respiratory problem.

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Things to Consider When Opting for a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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A portable oxygen concentrator can be prescribed for a variety of affections, in which an oxygen therapy is called for. However useful and healthy these therapies may be, people find them hard to take on, due to the fact that they can become rather uncomfortable. With the help of a portable oxygen concentrator, freedom is insured, as much as it can be, for the patient. Naturally, you will have to slow down a bit and to take your concentrator with you everywhere, but it will be a much better solution than not getting the treatment or opting to stay in bed. Therefore, you should be happy that you have this opportunity at least!

Some may find that there are too many models of this device, that they can be quite expensive and many more. Even so, these are the things that will help you keep up with your life and with the people around you. In order to make the right decision, when it comes to the portable oxygen concentrator, you have to consider your personal health requirements.


One of the first things that you have to be concerned with in the purchase of the device is the amount of oxygen provided and the process of its delivery. In this case you have options such as oxygen in pulse or continuous flow. The decision is your own in this matter, as you may find it more comfortable to receive puffs of oxygen, rather than a continuous stream or vice-versa.

If you are a traveler, you have to know that your new condition will affect the way in which you handle this experience. For one thing, only the portable oxygen concentrator will get you on an airplane, as this is the only device approved for this condition for flying. When you are thinking about traveling, you also have to be concerned with the battery life of the concentrator.


The size and the actual portability of the concentrator are the final things you should consider. This means that, although all these devices are portable, you have to find one that you can carry, one that will not cause discomfort for you, one that can be easily included in your daily routines. The warranty coverage should be the final thing on your mind, as you must have a backup plan for any unwanted situations.

So, if you are thinking of getting a portable oxygen concentrator, you should focus on the following general elements: price, your needs, amount of oxygen, delivery process, traveling needs, battery life, size, portability and warranty.

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Hypoxemia And Oxygen Concentrators

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Unfortunately, many children suffer from hypoxemia, even in developing countries. Several universities have proved that using oxygen concentrators is very important for treating children with this condition. Hypoxemia is a disorder of acute respiratory tract. This complication leads to deficiency in the concentration of oxygen in arterial blood.


Pneumonia is another disease that causes many death annually, even neonatal deaths and many stillbirths. This happens also in developing countries where detection facilities are poor.

Oxygen concentrators are recommended even by the World Health Organization (WHO). Oxygen concentrators are better than compressed oxygen cylinders because there are no logistic and cost problems.


Those children who suffer from hypoxemia should benefit from an early detection and treatment to avoid complications from happening. Hypoxemia symptoms are:

  • grunting
  • lethargy
  • nasal flaring
  • head nodding
  • general depression and fatigue

Healthcare workers and parents have to know these warning signs for an early diagnosis. Many children don’t benefit from oxygen therapy during the first stages of hypoxemia. Only those seriously ill kids benefit from such a therapy.

Nonetheless, oxygen can be very useful if it’s given during an early stage of a respiratory disease. Specialists recommend oxygen concentrators because these devices are more cost-effective and help children with asthma more than compressed oxygen cylinders.


To function properly and to improve the health of children, oxygen concentrators need only a reliable source of electricity. Nevertheless, if in some cases, this is still a problem, it can be solved with a small generator or a portable oxygen concentrator with batteries.


Today, oxygen concentrators are used in many district hospitals in countries such as Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Malawi and Egypt. The WHO (The World Health Organization) has determined that a single oxygen concentrator can provide oxygen up to 4 children. Additionally, oxygen concentrators are cost-effective and savings can be used to buy other important supplies, equipments and medicines.

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The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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There are many people in need of portable oxygen equipment and some of those who need this have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also know as COPD. If in your family is someone who has this disease, then you should know a little something about the illness to understand better why a person suffering of this needs oxygen all the time. Having the right information, you will know how to help that person close to you to handle the treatment and you will also know how to act around him and what to say (or not to say).

The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD appears when a person suffers of chronic bronchitis or emphysema. These common lung illnesses make the airways narrower, making it hard for the person who suffers of it to breathe. This shortness of breath that the patient has is called dyspnea. Unfortunately, it gets worse with the time and COPD is in present the sixth cause of death worldwide.

Signs and symptoms of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

  • permanent cough;
  • sputum production;
  • rhonchi;
  • dyspnea;
  • chest tightness;
  • fatigue.


For a person with COPD, a portable portable oxygen equipment is the best thing to have, because it improves the quality of life greatly. Exercises help, too, but this equipment is a blessing to have.

This is why you should not be astonished when someone you love and you know that suffers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease takes with him this small and useful equipment all the time. Thanks to it, he can lead a normal life and he can have all the activities he wants.

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Portable Oxygen Equipment from Respironics

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Respironics is the healthcare department of the worldwide renowned company Philips. If you find yourself in need of oxygen therapy and you want to opt for a portable device, then you should opt for the products from Respironics. Since they are portable, they can provide you with a great sense of freedom, comfort and mobility. By using them, you will be able to carry on with your daily life instead of being stuck inside the house.

The portable oxygen concentrators manufactured by Respironics are SimplyGo and EverGo.

1. SimplyGo is the only portable oxygen generator that offers continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single device. Weighing only 10 pounds makes it easy to carry around. Not to mention that it also comes with a carrying case with shoulder strap and spare-battery pocket, lithium ion battery, detachable accessories bag, and fold-up cart with oversized wheels. The device delivers oxygen in 3 modes:

  • Continuous flow mode, which supplies oxygen flow on a constant basis, depending on the setting number.
  • Pulse mode, which is able to detect when the user starts to take a breath. It then delivers a pulsed volume of oxygen, which is also determined by the setting number.
  • Sleep mode is probably one of the most innovative features of the device, since it detects when the user starts to take a breath and delivers a pulsed oxygen volume, depending on the setting number, as well.


Other benefits of this portable oxygen concentrator include:

  • easy inventory management
  • reduced maintenance cost
  • less storage space

To find out more about the SimplyGo specifications, click here

2. EverGo is another great oxygen solution from Respironics, best suited for active patients, since it lets them do whatever they want to, without constantly worrying about running out of oxygen. Some of its best features include:

  • user-friendly touch screen interface controlling all the functions and showing battery life
  • easy battery access, making it easy for them to be changed and charged
  • rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 1050 ml / minute oxygen capacity
  • low maintenance
  • non-medical, lightweight design
  • FAA approval, meaning that it can be used when traveling by plane
  • battery life of up to 12 hours
  • can be used while charging


Users can easily control and adjust the settings of this device, without having to take it off. Its high oxygen capacity makes it the oxygen concentrator delivering more oxygen in pulse mode than any other model.

The bottom line is that SimplyGo and EverGo are the best products for people in need of portable oxygen equipment. They are not only reliable and efficient in providing oxygen therapy, but they also come with modern, innovative and advanced features, that allow patients to lead a normal, happy life.

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Home VS Portable Oxygen Equipment

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The number of people worldwide who suffer from respiratory and pulmonary diseases is increasing by the day. The high pollution level and hectic lifestyle are the main reasons behind this fact. Today’s society is moving at a fast pace and there is little we can do about stress and pollution. If you suffer from asthma, sleep apnea, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or other diseases that require ongoing chronic pure oxygen treatment at home, then you are in need of oxygen equipment that will supply the oxygen concentrations that your body needs. This also means that you have to choose between home or portable oxygen equipment. Since today’s oxygen equipment makes use of advanced technology, there is no reason to carry heavy oxygen tanks around or be stuck to the heavy oxygen concentrator in your home.

Not when you can opt for portable oxygen concentrators and enjoy many more benefits. The advantages of portable oxygen tanks over traditional cylinder oxygen tanks include increased freedom and comfort. This is because portable oxygen models can easily be carried around, since they are lightweight and much smaller. You will feel like you are carrying a school bag or a purse! This means that you will have much more mobility and will be able to spend more time on the go. The mobility issue is reason of concern for anyone who is placed on oxygen treatment or therapy. With the portable concentrators being so advanced, there is no reason to worry about this issue anymore. With the use of portable equipment, you will be able to carry on with your daily activities and enjoy a much more active lifestyle, since nothing will get in your way, not even a respiratory or pulmonary disease.

Moreover, portable oxygen equipment provides you with the possibility to switch from AC electrical power at home to DC power in your car, and even to battery power. In this way, you will enjoy a maximum level or portability that will allow you to spend time in the outdoors with your friends or to travel with your family by car. And speaking of traveling, most portable oxygen concentrators are now approved by the American Federal Aviation Administration, which means that you can travel by plane whenever you want to without having to worry about oxygen supplies. The only downturn to portable oxygen equipment is that home oxygen equipment is much cheaper. However, the numerous advantages make up for the high price.

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A Portable Oxygen Equipment Is A Precious Acquisition

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Taking into consideration the development of the industry and of the pollution level, the number of those who suffer from respiratory disorders has increased lately. Even kids and new born babies are often affected by this terrible problem that endangers their lives. A respiratory crisis can emerge anytime and can be caused by so many factors such as stress, allergies, pollution, a different environment, food, air pressure, altitude, so having a portable oxygen equipment at hand is always useful. Such a device is very small, lightweight and can be taken anywhere. People are now free to travel and to solve their problems, without being afraid that they will have a respiratory crisis and they will end up in hospital. A portable oxygen device is very practical and also very useful as it can save your life. Your brain cannot function properly without a constant amount of oxygen, so irremediable damages can take place. Fortunately, this won’t happen if you have such a device with you.

Your kids can also easily use it as it’s small, light, so they won’t have no problems. Until the ambulance arrives, it can pass too long, so having such a device is essential. Kids who suffer from asthma will also benefit from the amazing positive effects of such a device. Such a product is an unbeatable asset and also very important for older people who are very sick. Additionally, such a device features a controlling system of the oxygen amount, so you won’t be endangered.

It was several times tested before being released on the market, so you are safe. You can enjoy your trip and solve all your problems or visit a lot of attractions, without being afraid that you may have a terrible crisis and will have to call the ambulance. Using a portable oxygen equipment, you will recover in a few minutes even if such a crisis emerge. In case you have a panic attack, or you like mountain climbing and diving, portable oxygen equipment is a wonderful asset and a big must. You can purchase it online or find it in special stores. Its price is reasonable and there are many models, so you can choose the one you consider more suitable for you. As the Internet is very accessible now, you can order it anytime you want and soon, it will be delivered at your home.

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Portable Oxygen Equipment- Incommensurable With The Cost

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A portable oxygen equipment is useful in so many situations, from the emergencies in the hospitals to those people who climb mountains or practice scuba diving. There are also very sick people who are connected to portable oxygen day and night as they can’t breath by themselves. Having a portable oxygen equipment is useful for anyone to have in their own house. Respiratory crisis are unpredictable and even if anyone have not experienced something like this before, they may emerge anytime. Pollution, anxiety or heart strokes can make huge problems. The brain cannot work without oxygen and irreversible damages will happen. Until the ambulance arrives, it may take a while, so purchasing a portable oxygen equipment is a great thing. People can keep it in their home, but have to learn how to use it.

Nonetheless, it’s very simple to use the portable oxygen equipment. The purity of the oxygen is great, but those with respiratory problems need to consult their doctor before using the portable oxygen equipment. Additionally, there are people who suffer from major anxiety problems and during their attacks, they feel a lack of oxygen although they are healthy. Nevertheless, using at that time the portable oxygen equipment will help them get over that difficult moment. The small size and the light weight of the portable oxygen equipment make it irreplaceable and a great asset.

Health is very important and kids are one of the most sensitive. They can develop very fast allergies or other problems that cause an oxygen lack. The  portable oxygen equipment provides a higher amount of oxygen than in the air, so the patients will recover soon. The brain cannot work properly without the necessary amount of oxygen and irreversible problems may emerge such as paralysis. All these dangerous things can be prevented with the help of a single device: the portable oxygen equipment. People can order it on the Internet or from the specialized stores. The price is reasonable, but the benefits are huge and incommensurable with the cost. Such a device is a must for anyone as we never know when problems may emerge.

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Portable Oxygen Equipment For Various Problems

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The uses of a portable oxygen equipment are multiple. A portable oxygen equipment is essential not only for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory disorders, but its importance has extended. Using a portable oxygen equipment is much easier due to its small size and very light weight. People in need can take it anywhere with them, even at the office or anywhere else. Having a portable oxygen equipment, people do not have to go at the hospital or call the ambulance each time they undergo a crisis. Until the ambulance comes, they can actually die as the brain will not survive without oxygen more than 2-3 minutes. Using and having a portable oxygen equipment with them, people will not panic anymore. The portable oxygen equipment will be part of their daily routine. As it is very easy to use it, even kids can deal with it, so they will not have to be controlled by their parents.

As stated above, portable oxygen equipment is used for many other things such as diving, in chemical environments, on the top of the mountains, when fire takes place, in laboratories, in factories and in many other cases. People can easily use it and take advantage form its benefits. The portable oxygen equipment has a great way of controlling the oxygen amount, so there is no danger. Moreover, it has been very well tested before being released on the market.

There are many companies which manufacture portable oxygen equipment, so the diversity is wide. In case you also need a portable oxygen equipment or want to have one as a prevention method, the Internet is a great source for finding many shops and manufacturers which sell portable oxygen equipment. Without oxygen, our body does not have enough energy and many chemical reactions are affected. It is important to choose quality when buying a portable oxygen equipment than looking for a cheap one. Its benefits are essential for surviving and for having a better life. Anyone can have respiratory disorders, no matter the cause, so a portable oxygen equipment is always great to have.

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